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Product Features Model INT1200W

– “Sleek, Small, Compact Design”.
– Do it yourself installation, easy to set up.
– Helps prevent accidents and costly damage repairs.
– For every boater that needs that “reminder”.
– Control Module and Remote Sensor are installed with sturdy, environment resistant 3M VHB tape.
– Additional installation protection with a tie wrap for the remote sensor.
– User friendly wireless control module to remote pairing.
– User selectable location for the console and remote sensor on the step ladder.
– Does NOT interfere with other on-board electronics.

– Does NOT interrupt or shut the engine off.
– Compact water resistant electronics.
– Conformal Coated to protect against humidity and moisture harsh environments.
– Audio and visual alarms.
– Red, Green, Yellow Status lights.
– Notification alarm & snooze button acknowledgement.
– Set up only once during initial installation or when replacing the remote shipping logo
– Battery operated ladder remote sensor, 3+ months battery life.
– Ladder remote “hibernates” when not in use.
– 12V ignition powered console module.

Caution: Remote Sensor will not operate properly if completely submerged.

How Intelliboat Ladder Sensors Work, simple DIY:

1. Install Console.
2. Install Remote after installing battery.
3. Program in stowed position.
4. Control Module and remote sensor are active when the ignition key is on. The Remote Sensor is dormant when the control module is OFF.

Your new Intelliboat wireless ladder sensor operates with your 12V ignition switch to power the control module. The remote sensor uses a 3V CR2450 coin battery. Once the control module and remote sensor have been installed, the remote is wirelessly programmed to the control module. A second step is to program the remote sensor in its ladder stowed position. The remote sensor will remember this position.

Each time the ignition key is turned on and the remote sensor senses vibration from movement or other trigger, it will communicate with the control module and provide its location every 8 seconds. When the boat ladder is deployed for over 8 seconds, the control module will sound an alarm and will provide a RED light to indicate fault. The user can acknowledge and SNOOZE the alarm for 60 seconds. The alarm will continue until the step ladder is stowed again. In the event the remote sensor battery is low or the unit stops communicating a YELLOW light will indicate loss of communications.


– RF Frequency 2.4 GHZ.
– Humidity and Moisture protected.
– Control Module Size 2.6” x 1.8” x 0.6”.
– Operational Voltage 12V-15V.
– Remote Sensor Size 0.8” x 2.4” x 1.8”.
– Remote Sensor rating IP67 (water resistance).
– Operational Voltage 2.4V-3.3V.
– Operating Temperature -40C to +85C.
– Warranty (1) one year.

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27 May

Swim Ladder Down !!!

Yea, so this weekend I forgot to raise the swim ladder before starting the engines

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